DECEMBER 19 = “A Christmas Carol” is Published



On today’s date in 1843 Charles Dickens classic tale “A Christmas Carol” was published, and shortly began reviving the flagging fortunes of Dickens’ career.


Since 1938, Hollywood has taken the timeless classic story “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens and told it in four very different and very distinct versions. In 1938, Reginald Owen filled in for Lionel Barrymore (who would go on to similar fame as “Mr. Potter” in 1946’s “It’s A Wonderful Life”), in 1951, Allistar Sim made your flesh crawl, in 1984, George C. Scott growled, and in 1999, Patrick Stewart out-glowered them all!! To read my review of all four films, comparing them to each other, as well as to the story by Charles Dickens, simply log on to the following web address at “Today in History II:





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